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The HowDoo Launchpad

LaunchPad Requirements for Crypto Projects

  • Projects are expected to deposit the full token sale supply to the LaunchPad Token Generation Event (TGE) before initiating any announcements or marketing ventures.
  • Pre-sale tokens will be transferred to a safeHowdoo LaunchPad wallet for safekeeping.
  • A third-party cybersecurity partner will review Applicant Smart Contracts, rendering audit reports to the Howdoo team.
  • After the audit, locked depositories for ETH and project tokens will be generated, which will be utilized to contribute liquidity to the HowdooSwap listing.
  • When all of the processes above are done, Howdoo will grant the applicant project a ‘Pre-sale Certificate.’ They will publish the audit and lock project tokens for the IDO.

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