CryptoGalaxy: Revolutionizing The Gaming Industry Powered By Blockchain Technology

The emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects has intrigued almost all industries, including the gaming space. The usual gaming platforms and its functions have seen to have so many issues as concluded by enthusiasts. Because of this, developers and the gaming communities got their curiosity to apply the blockchain technology. Among these pioneering projects is called CryptoGalaxy, considered as the first virtual universe.

Zeepin is aiming to accommodate a platform for the creative industries providing a space and ecosystem to be utilized by content creators, designers, architects, developers, and any other agencies seeking a virtual ecosystem.

Now, the rising trend of online gaming has inspired Zeepin to create CryptoGalaxy, thus considering this project as the world’s first virtual universe powered by blockchain technology.

In September 2019, CryptoGalaxy announces its independent operation from Zeepin but assured the continuous partnership. The project will still use Zeepin Chain in creating their upgrades of platform versions.

This blockchain-powered project is a mobile crypto game where players can visit a planet and mine valuable ores utilizing robots. Players can obtain profits by digging on their planets to obtain mythical crystals that can be converted into Gala, a token that fuels the whole Galaxy blockchain. Ores can be traded for GALA as the in-game token and then convert them to ZPT.

The blockchain is sustained by Galabot Interstellar Mining, that can be renewed for more power. Planet’s value will increase within the game as users accomplish several tasks. They can sell, purchase or trade planets with other players in the Galaxy store and can earn Gala in a number of ways.

When players own a planet, they can keep a percentage of what other players mine on it, making this a steady passive income opportunity. Another way to profit from CryptoGalaxy without playing is by staking GALA tokens. It has the option to purchase tokens and use them in the game to develop faster.

Technological Implementations

3D Real-Time Visuals

To make users being entertained more, the team has ensured a fascinating visual experience. Unity 3D technology will be applied for real-time rendering of the exclusive attributes of the planets. The planets inside the game will be on par with excellent graphics.

The Used AI Technology

Color, physiognomy, and other characteristics tied to the planets is presented on a random basis with the help of AI technology to make sure that each planet is unprecedented.

Alliance Formation

Every player will have a position as an explorer in the game and board on a grand journey to explore new planets. Meanwhile, each explorer will be a part of an alliance with other players and will form a nation. The ranking will reflect the number of planets owned by players in a specific nation. The nation holding the most planets will top others on the ranking list and become the champion.

Traverse the Universe

The universe is created with multiple galaxies, innumerable planets, exploration is unlimited; when a player discovers new things, they will automatically set them on a map. They can sheer their planet in CryptoGalaxy.

Minerals are the resources mined by robots from planets inside CryptoGalaxy. Gold is among these minerals as a technology element. And now, the team announces its plan to set gold mineral as the GOLD standard in the gaming assets and make it listed on exchanges to support outside circulation.

Gold (GOLD), as a standard value asset, has much uniqueness of value anchoring and strategic investment ends. In the succeeding CG version, it is a rare element for players to furnish their items, and it is also a trading means for future transactions in the game, which operates within the consumption and circulation in the whole ecosystem.

In order to maintain a steady increase in value, the CryptoGalaxy team has devised an enduring mechanism and strategy of sustainable growth in the value system of GOLD. The value will continuously increase when tokens are used, and it’s even sufficient when game assets are tokenized, consumable, minable, and is tradable. This design philosophy will make CryptoGalaxy competitive potential to be the killer dApp in 5G era.

With the continuous advancement of technology, the gaming industry has also heightened its innovation to fulfill the satisfaction of its users. Blockchain games are now progressing in terms of incentivization and is anticipated to see more progress in this area over time as scaling will progress. CryptoGalaxy has better incentive and reusable assets that interest developers and players. What delivers it exceptional is the fact that users can own its planet and can earn from it. Aside from that, it also has other means to gain more and the interface is remarkable. There are some other projects like CryptoGalaxy, but its concept differs a lot that makes it advantageous compared to other virtual gaming ecosystems built utilizing the blockchain technology.

And now, as it opens GOLD asset to be traded on exchanges, more and more users will be drawn to this gaming ecosystem because the circulation of this asset is not stagnant and is available and exchangeable. Therefore, CryptoGalaxy will bring more on the table of the gaming community and its developers.



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