CoinPoker A Revolutionize Blockchain Powered Cryptocurrency-Based Online Poker

The rapidly increasing popularity of cryptocurrency has directed to its lengthened utilization in many areas, and online poker is just among the expansion. One of the numerous cryptocurrency online poker sites based on blockchain technology is CoinPoker.

Like most of the other sites that depend on assistance from famous poker pros, CoinPoker is actively sponsored by Antanas Guoga or better known as Tony G.

Several cryptocurrencies that have exhibited content in the poker space like Bitcoin, for example, is a suitable deposit and withdrawal selection on several sites. But the generation of new sites each utilizing their own new and native cryptocurrency are unproven and probably dangerous options that can cause more problems than they intend to solve.

What is CoinPoker?

CoinPoker is a blockchain powered cryptocurrency online poker site launched in November 2017 that uses its native currency called CHP tokens. These tokens work according to Ethereum-based, smart contract cryptocurrency rules.

CoinPoker provides various games with remarkably competitive rakes and large-value bonuses and promotions to boost traffic and, positively, let “potential appreciation” of the CHP token.

CoinPoker promotes the blockchain reconstruction as having vital potential to resolve many recent difficulties of online poker.

- Transparency and anonymity
- Administration
- Payment processing issues
- Game integrity
- Players funds control

By utilizing blockchain technology with its CHP, players can acquire and play with the currency wherever they live in the world.

Additionally, CoinPoker states that processing speeds are fast, and players can deposit into or withdraw from their CoinPoker account almost immediately. CoinPoker has also started a fair-play security and fraud system that controls user actions and identifies and eliminates unfair or programmed play.

CoinPoker like other cryptocurrency-based online sites — considers it has the potential to change online poker by addressing longstanding difficulties.

CoinPoker’s Currency

CoinPoker official token is called CHP. It is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum and can be used to purchase all plays on CoinPoker. The CHP is divisible to 18 decimal points comparable to ETH cryptocurrency and transferable as well. As the CHP rises in value, it will be ready to initiate game limits sequentially adjusted to the EURO.

Acquiring CHP Token

A user in order to acquire CHP token is required to have an Ether Wallet. It can be done in several methods but the one recommended by the CoinPoker official site is to utilize MyEtherWallet, and the process of registering is discussed there as is very easy. After doing so, users would have to buy and fill up their Ether Wallet with Ethereum.

To proceed, the user should visit CoinPoker’s site and easily click on the “Get Tokens” button. Copy the smart contract which is a row of characters that pop up and paste it on the “To Address” box found in the “Send Ether & Tokens” page of your eWallet. In the “Gas Limit” box input the number 200000 and click the “Generate Transaction” option. CHP is now available for the users’ purchase.

Roadmap Plan

Q4 2017
• CoinPoker Play Money version. Fully functional Texas Hold’em Poker cash and tournament games.
• Cashier module improvement for Ethereum based CoinPoker tokens (CHP) processing.
• Fairplay security and fraud system

Q1 2018
• Fully functional cryptocurrency (CHP tokens) version.
• Fairplay security and fraud system
• Jackpots.
• New games: OFC (Open Face Chinese)

Q2 2018
• Fully decentralized random number generation (see Section 1.4).
• CoinPoker mobile client version. We are planning to develop cross-platform mobile version for both
iOS and Android.
• Advanced AI fraud detection techniques developed
• Poker server data storing on blockchains via smart contract.
• New games: 5 Card Omaha and Multiple day tournaments *

Q3 2018
• Poker data review page and tools, which will be released publicly for RNG transparency validation.
• Fairplay security and fraud system
• Player referral and partner program.
• Bonus and Insurance systems.
• New games: Double Hold’em, Pineapple Hold’em and All-in Poker *

Q4 2018
• Loyalty program
• New games: Spin IT (the regular poker game where players will spin their prizepool) and Mixed game
tournaments *
*CoinPoker community will decide what games will be released or developed.




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Digital Marketer, Growth Hacker, Community Manager, Social Media Specialist!

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