Bottos (BTO), A Blockchain Based Decentralized AI System

Central Goals

  1. To develop the world’s most dynamic AI data exchange center.
    Bottos builds a decentralized AI data exchange center based on
    blockchain technology, which enables the world to collaborate more effectively and permits the data to be more productive and more reliable.
  2. To build a new artificial intelligence ecosystem.
    The Bottos platform enables any development team or business to make AI algorithms/models and then finance the research for high-quality data to guide algorithms/models while delivering new economic incentives to those data providers. It also advances crowdsourced intelligence and aggregated data more understood.
  3. To set the pricing standard of global data assets.
    Bottos strives to build a global open data exchange platform with a single pool of liquidity that makes it feasible to produce artificial intelligence projects efficiently. When a large number of data transactions are viable, the Bottos platform will continuously update the system within artificial intelligence algorithms and conclusively become the standard for data assets.
The Bottos (BTO) Team



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