Bottos (BTO), A Blockchain Based Decentralized AI System

Without any doubt, Artificial Intelligence will have new efficiency in the future and blockchain technology will restructure productive connection. Bottos’ platform executes a new decentralized AI ecosystem that is based on blockchain technology.

The public blockchain of Bottos is created encompassing the properties of data to overcome issues like “data security,” “large-scale data storage,” “data cleansing and labeling” and “data fraud.” The public chain is designed by original technologies including “prudent identity system,” “lots-drawing DPOS the consensus-based algorithm” and “intelligent portion storage.”

Overview And Concept

Bottos is a Decentralized Data Sharing Network that focuses on artificial intelligence. It is intended to be a consensus-based, scalable, easy-to-develop, and synergetic one-stop application platform for data, model, computing power and storage capacities by data mining and smart contracts. It has a bottom-level public blockchain developed explicitly on the foundation of data characteristics as well as a platform for data distribution among various participants within a broad-based AI ecosystem.

This AI project can be utilized to domains of big data, artificial intelligence, smart hardware, robots, Internet of Things, VR/AR and so on. To be particular, Bottos is not just an artificial intelligence public blockchain, but it also renders services for information and models circulation. It apprehends the purpose of transferring of artificial intelligence and its derivatives supplied by data, conclusively establishing a new decentralized AI environment.

Mission and Vision

Bottos as an AI architectured network has a ground level public blockchain uniquely developed on the principle of data components as well as a system for data distribution among diverse associates inside a broad-based Artificial Intelligence ecosystem. The data circulation in Bottos, which establishes the world’s most abundant supply of data collection based on blockchain technology, initially generates smart contracts highlighting data investments to recognize personal data assets distributed via data mining. In this process, the data circulation forms a relationship between the value of personal data and AI models, rectifying the strain of inaccessibility to high-quality data in the AI business.

Bottos will significantly support the registration, exchange, transaction, and distribution of high-quality data and model assets IP that hold real-time value, which will contribute high-quality data/model sources for data demand parties and execute given value for data/model providers by the process of
“data investment” into highly scalable smart contracts.

Central Goals

  1. To develop the world’s most dynamic AI data exchange center.
    Bottos builds a decentralized AI data exchange center based on
    blockchain technology, which enables the world to collaborate more effectively and permits the data to be more productive and more reliable.
  2. To build a new artificial intelligence ecosystem.
    The Bottos platform enables any development team or business to make AI algorithms/models and then finance the research for high-quality data to guide algorithms/models while delivering new economic incentives to those data providers. It also advances crowdsourced intelligence and aggregated data more understood.
  3. To set the pricing standard of global data assets.
    Bottos strives to build a global open data exchange platform with a single pool of liquidity that makes it feasible to produce artificial intelligence projects efficiently. When a large number of data transactions are viable, the Bottos platform will continuously update the system within artificial intelligence algorithms and conclusively become the standard for data assets.

The Bottos Team

Bottos BTO has a strong team, powerful partnerships, fast-growing community, and will unquestionably detonate in value once people outside of Asia discover more about this Artificial Intelligence project. BTO is by far the BEST AI cryptocurrency on the market.

The Bottos (BTO) Team

The team is managed by Xin Song, the Chief Executive Officer that has strong background in strategy and investment management for top fortune 500 companies, and Chao Wang, the Chief Technology Officer that has roughly 1.5 decades of R&D experience in cloud computing, telecom, and distributed systems. Tingting Wang as the Chief Marketing Officer, has the combined marketing and community management specialty of NEO and Zhen Gao (Chief Scientist/AI Architect) who has devoted the majority half of his career dedicated to the subjects of AI and autonomous procedures.




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Digital Marketer, Growth Hacker, Community Manager, Social Media Specialist!

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